Heading the business, it’s his vision and “can-do” attitude that has been the biggest reason why Adept has always taken up challenges on what has never been done, and excelled at it. The man behind the show at Adept, with experience of having worked on various prestigious brands such as HP, NDTV, Grover Vineyards, Xerox, Goodyear, India Gate Basmati to name a few, Vandan has, in a span of 7 short years, taken Adept to an industry platform, where Adept is not only revered for the work it does, but also created an agency built on strong service parameters.

In his spare time, Vandan is checking asana and figuring out why he has any spare time in the first place.

With over 9 years of experience, she started her career in the telecom industry. But as destiny would have it, she stepped into the marketing world. And eventually Adept happened. From single handedly managing the corporate communication for the giant media conglomerate that is NDTV to a brief stint in front of the camera too, she brings a fresh new perspective to the table. With her background, she quickly understands the demands of clients and knows how to transform the fiercest business challenges. Be warned, she’ll really have you at ‘hello’.

Her passion for taking on any challenge is only exceeded by her love of good food and vino.

With close to 19 years of being involved with over 600 brands at various levels, Rajesh, as a consultant, brings a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and consumer insight. Having worked with the early days of Mudra, and a proud member of the team that made Mudra into the formidable force it today is, Rajesh has helped build brands such as LG, Ambassador cars, HCL, Nestle, Pepsi Foods. He later went to serve multiple brands in Lintas as well.

His demeanor may be as fiery as his favourite snack – a concoction of Kurkure and spicy Tibetan momo chutney, but it’s a delight to pick his genius brain.

A wondrous attack of ideas, styles and often definitions, coin the key attributes of the Creative Head backed with her degree in Advertising and Marketing from the coveted Mica Institute. She understands the shift in trends and more importantly moods. In the advertising sphere she is an outstanding asset as she interprets consumer minds as an everyday ordeal.

When she’s not designing, you can usually find her getting encores and bringing the house down at the town’s best Karaoke bars.